Become a Recycling Partner

Become a Recycling Partner

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Become a Recycling Partner

Diverting organic waste from landfills to Smart Soil can significantly lower waste disposal expenses, contributing to overall cost-savings for your operation.

Our Process

Smart Soil offers transportation and recycling of organic waste materials.  We have a wide variety of equipment to transport, including:

  • High-volume side dumps
  • Walking floors
  • Tankers
  • Flatbed trailers

This allows us to handle almost any job.

Organic waste once on site, is blended with other feedstocks to create the perfect blend for the composting process.

Smart Soil utilizes the turned windrow method to create our nutrient and microbe-rich compost.

During this process, temperature, moisture, and oxygen levels are monitored to determine the correct times to turn and add moisture.

Turning the windrow ensures there is enough oxygen for the microbes to do their job – breaking down the material to create compost!

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